Hi I’m a newbie,

It happens that using Atom an alert comes up repeatedly…

I really don’t know what does it mean or how to solve it…


Waiting for a solution! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much to everyone!!

It looks like the hide-tree package is out of date or broken. I’d recommend asking at the package’s repository, but it seems to be abandoned and this issue from nearly two years ago hasn’t even received a response.

Thank you!

I read the issue following your link, and there I click on this link suggested https://github.com/skandasoft/hide-tree, and I downloaded the .zip file that is suggested to download.

Now I don’t understand much of this stuff, for example my question is: how can I go here (attached screenshot) and check the element ‘integer’?

Is it in Atom? And what can I do with all the files into the unzipped folder?

Thank you again!!

Where do you expect to link/jump to?

An integer is a data type… per definition it is a signed whole number that consists of 16-bits. Other data types would be real or boolean for example. This defines what type of data the variable is holding.

There is nothing to link to.

What you are showing is the definition of variables (also called tags). These are used throughout the program of the specific application / extension / package you are looking at. The ability to do cross referencing throughout the code project is not built into Atom directly. You could however do a project search do find all the references to the specific variable (name mentioned in title).

These notes are off-topic to what you are aiming to achieve. Please try again and explain to me as if I am 10 years old, what you are aiming for.

Thanks, ok, I’ll try…

I followed the link sugegested by DamnedSchool and then I downloaded a .zip file here (https://github.com/skandasoft/hide-tree), hoping to find the solution at the issue above… Into this unzipped folder I found other folders, files and screenshots. I thought that the yellow circle around the word ‘integer’ meant that I had to change that data type into something else to solve the problem…

Anyway your explanation on data types, variables and tags is been so useful even if it’s off-topic sorry for that!!

Honestly I don’t know how this hide-tree package issue works…

I gave you the answer: the package has been abandoned, and the author of the package never showed up to explain the cause of the error you are seeing. The issue (the posting on GitHub) works by telling you that the package doesn’t work and you should try another one.

What are you hoping to accomplish? You don’t need the hide-tree package to hide the tree view, since the tree view lives in a collapsible dock. All you have to do is hover over the right side of the tree view until a little arrow appears, and click it.