Hide-tree package - wierd css error


For bigger project with the longer tree view…I am getting a wierd when using the package hide-tree view. wondering if any body would have the time to find out which css is making this happen…pushing the tree up when I try to keep the mouse at the beginning of the editor to toggle the tree view to showing up…??


I’ve had the same issue with autohide-tree-view, and it turned out that .tree-view-scroller's height was much larger than .tree-view-resizer which caused this weird overflow. Maybe it’s the same for you


Thanks Olamokramer

It doesn’t always happens…that is the issue and if you see the screen shot it is not tree view alone it is the entire editor which is pushed up…may be the top becomes negative or some thing…and again I am not sure if it my package or some other + if it is just on my m/c…any ideas…??

I don’t know if any body else can chip to check it out http://atom.io/packages/hide-tree


Yes it was exactly the same for me. The Atom window had a height of 1100px but .tree-view-scroller had a height of about 1300px which caused everything to be pushed up by 200px. Don’t really know what caused it, but if I remember correctly setting height: 100% on .tree-view-scroller might solve it.


I should not be blaming on other packages but…I when I disabled the https://atom.io/packages/tree-view-open-files …I am not able to repeat it…I will still keep looking for this wierd thing…may it is not the tree-view-open-files package


I check the package and it is like that…https://github.com/postcasio/tree-view-open-files/issues/20


@leedohm, I found you changed the category…But I feel it should still go into the package as it wierd issue in the package more than the style…

not sure if I missing some thing.


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