Hide/Toggle menubar


Compiled for linux today, looks as great as mac application

One question though, does anybody sit on any trick to hide the menubar?
I usually edit with just the editor window, command palette is more than enough and don’t really need the menubar taking up valuable estate

I have searched and did not find this question asked before.


It’s called tree view in the command palette where you should also see the command (shift+cmd+p on mac)


Treeview is the fileview on the side, right?

I’m talking about the menubar (File/Edit/View/…) along the top below titlebar (or top of the screen on mac).


I have a semi related issue. I installed using a debian package that I built the other day. While working in atom the menu bar disappears. If there is a show/hide command maybe it will show up again but I have not found the command yet. I have not been able to identify what makes the menu disappear yet. I am starting to suspect it is after I open the settings dialog. I am currently getting an error in the settings dialog so perhaps the error is making the menu disappear.

I realize the error I described is not directly related to the OP. But the image I uploaded is the view I think you are looking for. If there is a toggle command for this maybe both our questions will be answered.


That is excactly what I’m looking for :smile:

Maybe I could go to settings back and forth until your issue is reproduced :wink:

But more seriously, a menu-bar toggle would be nice, I have started looking at the code where application-menu is built to see if there is an easy way of lifting it away


I’m also looking for option to hide menu bar ( using atom from i3 wm )


What seems to have worked for me is choosing ‘View > Toggle Fullscreen’ a couple of times, although now I don’t seem to be able to restore the bar to test it.


I’m here for this too. Work under stumpwm. I like minimalistic look of my Emacs and this is critical feature for me, so, no true zen in Atom :slight_smile:


+1 is there an option to hide the menubar (file, edit,…) ?


Im on a mac so I cant really test this. but have you tried to select the menubar using “Developer tools” (F12) ??

if it has a id you can make a display:none in your Stylesheet


yes, the menubar isn’t part of the “html rendered area” so you can’t use the inspector on it.
I’ve found the menubar.visible # true property but i’m not able to override it to false


I’m also looking for this feature to be implemented, particularly now that the latest build looks like this (big white bar):


on my linux build currently I rollback to v0.119.0 cause v0.120.0 break some of my plugins.
I usually comment out all lines with ApplicationMenu on application-menu.js file… see gist above…
I wish I can put some package that will inject on application-menu.js to show or hide menubars but I think the menus will be populated during startup of atom so we need to close and rerun atom for it to work…

Files are located at Atom/resources/app/src/browser of your atom package… or different if your on Mac or Win…


If you have a fix, perhaps you could write up a Pull Request for the functionality?


I just accidentally hid the menu bar trying to hide the find window…lol

anyways, i remember the old notepad (windows) command, so try “ALT” key
that brings the menu bar back (with an auto hide type feature) then just do
"VIEW -> Toggle Menu Bar" again & it will stay.


Hey buddy thanks a lot. I was scratching my head while hacking on https://www.megam.io on our scala code https://github.com/megamsys/megam_gateway.git.

I toggle the toolbar, and your tip on just pressing “ALT” worked for me in archlinux.


I also have the same problem, so i play around a bit on atom (windows 7) & found a way to get it back…

step 1: Click within the red border area & press “Alt” key. you will see the menu bar as shown in following image…

step 2:.Now goto view & select “Toggle Menu Bar” option get menu permanently.

@jaymanale :smile: :smile: :smile:


Thanks!! This fixed an issue i’ve been having


Thank you, it works here. :slight_smile:

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