Hide system window title bar


Hi! I raised this as an issue on Atom’s repo but it didn’t get much attention. I’ll quote myself from it:

Could it be possible to implement system window title bar/borders hiding like Chromium/Chrome has?

If you have used Chromium/Chrome you can notice it lacks the “system window title bar” by default (ie, the bar that says the name of the window and has the minimize, maximize and close buttons), while at the same time providing its own tiny minimize, maximize and close buttons in the top, rightmost part of the window.

Some window managers for Linux let you hide the window title bar, but since Atom lacks its own minimize/maximize/close buttons, it becomes inconvenient. Besides, it would be something nice to have in Windows/OSX too.

IMHO, this feature manages to save (precious!) vertical space, and looks much more pleasant.

Here is the link to the issue https://github.com/atom/atom/issues/4599

Its one of the features that pretty much sold Chrome/Chromium to me years ago, and as I commented in the issue, it might be one of those things that you didn’t know you wanted until you have it.

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Check the issue again :smile:

I for one would totally support this addition, although maybe not on by default (I’d probably enable it though). It’s definitely possible, we’ll just need to see what the core team and community think.


I suspect this will be somewhat controversial, but personally I would like it too, especially if you can change it in the settings.

The tricky part is: Where should the minimize, maximize and close buttons go? And there needs to be some kind of area to drag the whole window around. It would probably end up as a bar at the top too, just custom made and themable!


Just to get a feel for it:

If the title bar would be custom, it might could also be used for other stuff. Similar to the status bar, have other infos or actions.


Eh, in the pic there you have no menu bar but the title bar is still there.

This is an example of no title bar, which is what I’m referring to (notice the 3 main buttons on the top right corner).

As for an area to drag the window, when Chrome is windowed instead of maximized, it leaves a couple more pixels on the top of the tab bar. a little less than the height of the cursor. Otherwise the area at the right of any tab you have open would be enough.


In the case of also hiding the menu bar, the buttons could go to the right in the tab bar just like Chrome:

Personally I like the menu bar, and there is already an option to hide/show it.


That’s just how it always is on Macs – there are no window menu bars.

Here’s a screenshot of my attempt to enable frameless window:

I couldn’t figure out how to keep the window management buttons (close, minimize, full-screen, etc) though.


As a convention, the traffic lights should be on the left. So it could be on top of the tree-view:

And when the tree-view is collapsed, part of the tab-bar?


What if you still want the menu bar? It would be placed left of the File menu?


@dustContributor In OS X’s case, the menu bar isn’t part of the application window, but instead in the top OS menu bar. So no need to find a place for it.

But still… to make it custom like that for each platform requires quite a bit of extra work. So I guess it’s not gonna be implemented anytime soon.


To be fair it OSX would be the special case, while Windows/Linux using the same method (put icons to the left in the tab/menu bar).


It would be a little tricky for Linux because it would depend on what desktop environment you’re using. If you’re on Ubuntu (Unity) then you’d have left-aligned window icons, but if you were on Fedora (GNOME) you’d have right-aligned icons.


I’m advocating for the Chrome’s way of doing things: Don’t tie it to the platform, pick where to put the buttons and leave them there. End of story.

EDIT: What I’m saying is that the style should be consistent with Atom itself, not with each platform. Trying to cater to all window managers in all the supported OSes just leads to madness and despair.


Some will argue that the window management should stay true to the platform. Because people are already used to it and don’t have to learn a new way. Using the current native title-bar handles that automatically, although it uses a bit of extra space and it’s not styleable by themes.


I can’t stand windows that don’t have borders. It’s not a matter of learning a new way. It is that windows get lost in a pile when they blend together. Border have an important purpose.

Github for Windows is a good example. I gave up on it for that reason.


I never said anything about borderless windows. I mean, I explained it thoroughly a few times already and gave actual pictures of what it would look like (and look, it has borders!). Hell, just open Chrome and see how it looks.

[quote=“simurai, post:14, topic:14578”]Some will argue that the window management should stay true to the platform.[/quote] Not Atom nor most applications on its whole do that. Widgets inside the window don’t get auto themed to OS specific window manager style (and its the bad thing to do anyway, look at Eclipse for example, it “sorta works” on all OSes), I don’t see why the title bar should be an exception.

Seriously I just don’t see why it would be a big issue, I doubt an significant part of the user base would enable title bars once they had the extra vertical space to work with. After that title bars just look plain ugly.

Yes, some could argue what you’re saying, what I’m saying is, they’d be a very small minority and again, it can be optional, just like in Chrome. I never saw anybody purposely enabling the title bars on Chrome, I don’t think it would be different with Atom.


Personally I would also prefer without title bars, not really for the extra space, but just because it would look more unified with all the different themes.

I think technically Atom Shell would allow to do it, but a reason why it probably won’t happen anytime soon is because it’s not as easy to implement as it seems. It would need a custom solution for each platform: Mac, Windows and maybe many more for all the different Linux flavors. So thinking about priorities, letting the window management be automatically handled by Atom Shell, was a good choice.


Wow! This is beautiful. Would really love to see Atom implement this, although I can see where the challenge is.


really like this style!!!


Was there any progress made on this? I love how the screenshot of Atom looks on www.atom.io and want to get as close as I can to that layout! :smiley: