Hide/Remove unwanted default autocomplete/SymbolProvider?


I type a lot of scss, and typically width. After typing wi I used to be able to hit tab to get width autocompleted.
Not sure when it changed, but now the first suggestion you get is warning resulting in // WARNING :.


How can I edit the config to this? I read this https://github.com/atom/autocomplete-plus/wiki/SymbolProvider-Config-API but to an atom newbi it doesnt tell you much details.


This is not a default provider issue. That first entry is a snippet (indicated by the icon). The issue: at some point, you installed a package with a snippet that prints // WARNING : (probably a package related to SCSS). You can change it by disabling the autocomplete-snippets package or by finding the package that created this snippet and disabling it.


I think its default, it’s still there if I run atom --safe. Disabling autocomplete-snippets disables my custom snippets also so its not an option. The warning also apears in js/ts files.

However its helpful to know its a snippet… its the same as the autocomplete for idea. Gonna check if its possible to edit them.

Side note, you knew it was a snippet based on the icon. Is there some type of index that tells you what the icons mean? (etc. what does the p mean next to the other autocomplete suggestions in my screenshot.


You can override a snippet, but I don’t know if you can vacate a used prefix. It’s also not easy to change the order in which autocomplete providers appear unless they allow you to, which autocomplete-snippets does not. It would be possible to fork and override the core package and change the suggestionPriority, but I’m currently looking into whether it would be practical to have a separate package find and change the provider metadata. If so, a lot of user control could be unlocked rather than triaging the issue each time it comes up in a manner that requires an advanced understanding of Atom.

Not that I’ve found.


There’s this, but it only lists the names (not with pictures).


Saw it as well, typically developers though, “lets implement something the user don’t know what it means, but totally needs”. /s


Yeah I assumed that would be an option too. But its such a small thing, yet annoying (mostly because it requires multiple ctrl+z to get rid of).
Let me know if you have any success!
In my experience though, when it comes to Atom, some things the devs just decided that nobody needed/should be available in the settings ¯_(ツ)_/¯