Hide many files types in Tree View



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I managed to hide file types in Tree View, using “Ignored Names” in Settings.

But it looks like the number of characters in the field was limited. It seems impossible to hide more than (about) 20 different file types. Yeah, I know that it’s a lot of file types… But as you may know, LaTeX is completely crazy with auxiliary files (.aux, .bbl, .bcf, .blg, .mtc, .log, and so on !)

Is it possible to add more file types ?



You can edit the ignoredNames array in your config.cson file directly (Atom > Open Your Config). In addition to file types you can also ignore whole directories like build or whatever.

I was able to add around 70 entries using the Settings view though so you may be running into a bug in Atom or one of your installed packages. You can look at https://atom.io/docs/latest/hacking-atom-debugging for debugging tips.


Ok, thank you ! :smile:


If your project is in a Git repository and you don’t need to version control those auxiliary files, you can use the .gitignore file to ignore files in a much more complex manner than just by extension.