Hidden Scroll bars


Please fix the scroll bars. It’s inanely hard to see that they exist as they literally are like 5px wide and blend right in with the normal theme.


I’d upload an image but you don’t allow new users too…



Which OS and version are you on?


I’m running Windows 8.1 64 bit


This looks like the normal width it has on Macs.


I recategorized this as support because atom-shell is really for discussion of building applications other than Atom using the atom-shell framework or issues relating specifically to atom-shell. And because your screenshot appeared to include images of Atom’s editor tabs … which makes me think you’re asking about Atom itself rather than the atom-shell framework.

From reading the comments here:

I believe the alternate styling is intentional. Though it also appears that it might be able to be controlled through styling? I’m not a CSS expert, so I’m not sure what’s possible around styling scroll bars using it. Something to look into anyway.