Hi, I am newbie with Atom editor :)


I’m trying Atom on MacOs, mainly to become familiar with the scripts in JS (I work in a company as a SAP programmer but I’m a beginner) … I installed the runner package in Atom but when I click Ctrl + R it gives me error , bad node … and I do not leave anything to console … Advice? Thank you


You’ll need to install NodeJS, which is one way of running JavaScript on a computer (and what Atom uses itself).

In general, it’s a good idea to confirm software is working in the command prompt before trying things that use it, like Atom. So once you can run JS scripts from the terminal (using the command node ./yourfile.js), then check if it works in Atom. If it doesn’t, we can be of more help.


JavaScript is a huge language with many, many sub-disciplines and multiple different ways you can use it, so if you are a newbie you will have to learn about the specific tools to do what you want to do. I might be able to help you (your coworkers definitely can), but I’ll need to hear more about what you’re going to be doing before I can tell you that running Node scripts is what you need to be doing.