Hey pple i just want to ask about terminal in atom


when i open atom in old user i have the terminal in the bottom of the screen
but when i’ve been opened a new user and open atom i dont have the star
to open the terminal to run the code
any advice pple


All of your packages are stored in your user folder, so if you switch users, you won’t have access to the packages you’ve installed.


so the solution is …


Either don’t switch users, or download any packages you want on your second user account from that account, or copy your .atom/ folder over and then manage the packages on the second account manually. They’re just JavaScript modules, so they’re very small. If you really want, you could create a symbolic link to a canonical .atom/ folder or you could change the ATOM_HOME environment variable to point to the user you want, but if you have multiple people on the same computer it makes the most sense to have separate config folders.


In case he just forgot: Thank you, @DamnedScholar for taking the time to answer that question!


no problem we just helping each other :hugs::grin: