Help with window position save/restore issues (MacOS 10.12.5, Atom 1.18.0)


I’m trying to debug some odd behavior with the saving and/or restoring of window positions on a multi-monitor Mac setup. This issue is that Atom appears to fail to save window position when the x or y value of the window position is negative. This happens when you have Atom open on a larger second monitor positioned to the left of your primary monitor. I’d like to determine if the data is actually being written or not so I can file an accurate bug. I can get values for window positions via commands in Atom’s console, but what I’m wanting to see is what is stored when you quit Atom, so accessing the console isn’t going to work.

Window position data doesn’t appear to be kept in config.cson, and searching across the rest of the .atom config folder hasn’t turned up anything either. I also looked in Atom’s Application Support folder which looks promising, but haven’t found anything yet, partly because I don’t have a way to view some of the binary files there to get at their contents (*.ldb mostly, I can read the SQLite and text ones).

Does anyone know where this data lives?