Help with "The editor has crashed"?


Every time I open Atom, a couple minutes after the window turns completely white and I get a prompt that “The editor has crashed”. Like that:
This happens both in safe mode and normal mode, and even if I don’t interact with Atom at all (only open it). Edit: Also regardless of the open tabs, and possibly only when the Desktop folder is open in Atom (indicated in the tree-view)
The same issue happened to me a month ago as well and after a couple of days, it got fixed by itself somehow.
The crash file (on MediaFire):
Edit: There are some errors in the devtools console before Atom crashes:
Edit: I’m using Atom 1.27.2 (and later 1.28.0) on Windows 7.
That’s all the info I have about that issue.
Does anyone have an idea on how to solve this issue or how to investigate further? Can someone try to look into the crash file and maybe come out with an insight?


A few questions:

  • I’m using Atom 1.27.2 (and 1.28 today) on Windows 7.
  • If by “project” you mean what’s shown in the tree-view, then maybe the desktop folder is problematic because when I opened a different folder in Atom (using ctrl-shift-o), Atom doesn’t crash.
    If by “project” you mean the tabs open, then Atom crashes regardless of the tabs open.
  • yes, there were some errors:
    and then a crash.


Do you have any large folders on your desktop that may contain git repos? Is your desktop a repo? (You can tell where a repo is because it has a hidden .git/ folder, and the tree view icon next to the folder name changes to a notebook with a bookmark.) Do you have git installed on your computer separately?

Atom’s concept of what a project is includes exactly what’s in the tree view.


No, doesn’t seem like it. The one repo I have is located in Documents.