help with text format


when I program in C, it does not detect correctly the color of the commands, but the same file if I change it to C ++ coding appears correctly, how can I correct it?


Does the code run? It looks like there’s a syntax error (main has no return type).


all my codes run correctly, it is only the visual what does not appear well


That looks like very bad practice; the compiler and any linters should be throwing warnings. Though it is technically legal, so it may be fixable.


some idea of ​​how to do it, uninstall and delete the configuration and appdata folders but it did not work


Wrong thread? The error here is in how the grammar interprets your code. In my opinion, it’s a deprecated syntax not worth fixing. In fact, it shouts at you that you forgot to declare a return type. (If you don’t want to return anything, use void).

But as it’s technically still legal, I did raise an issue to see what the devs think.


ok I solved it, the problem is with the last update install a previous version and everything works correctly