HELP with tabs/indentation please :(


I know this is a total nublet question to ask but here goes… in the Atom editor, how do i go about getting BACK into regular typing once i have nested strings in lines having had used the “tab” or whitespace indentation?

here’s a bit of an example for what i’m trying to figure out:

import sys, pyHook, pythoncom

def OKBE(event):
      print str(event.Ascii)

      print chr(event.Ascii)

Now… at this point (***) i want to be able to start a new line of code but NOT inside that nested group… but i can’t figure out what key lets me start a new line from the beginning rather than on the same indentation as all that other stuff :frowning:


What about backspace?

Also, you should format your code with backticks (or selecting it and pressing the </> button in the editor).


@DamnedScholar I think the OP wanted a one key solution¹. Beside, backspace only unindent of one position. Could be Shift+Home and type, of course, but still a bit clumsy.

Other solution: go to your settings, Editor, uncheck the Auto Indent check box… But you might want the auto indent most of the time, so that’s not a perfect solution.

¹ something like having editor:newline-no-indent or editor:newline-left-margin, and mapping Ctrl+Enter to it… I suppose one can make a script in for this, but I am not used to that yet.


If the print lines are indented with one tab, then only one backspace is necessary.


Of course, but it works only in the given example. In the general case, you have an arbitrary level of indentation, hence my remark. Although often that’s what you want: one level less in indentation… OK, we are both right, I suppose. :stuck_out_tongue: