Help with spelling correction.

I speak Spanish, and I need to use the Atom spell check, I have windows 10 help me the documentation doesn’t seem to be up to date.

To me the information contained in the setup of the spell check package seems up to date. But I have only one location language set in Atom.

Will you be using a language installed on Windows 10 or something like Hunspell?

Yes, use the language of windows 10.

Which regional English-language are you using?

Could you please make a screen capture of the additional language packs you have downloaded for Windows 10. The view as seen in the documentation of the spell-check package should do.

Also share a screen capture of where you have configured which languages are linked to by the spell-check package.

I don’t see the basic typing option in any language.

How is the spell check package configured on your Atom installation?

Esta asi.