Help with simple keybindings

so i got to change a keybinding. ive done it before but now it is saying
“Duplicate key ‘.platform-darwin atom-text-editor’”

any help? i just hit the copy icon by the keybinding and pasted it hoping to change it from ctrl x to cmd-i

You should post a screenshot of your keymap.cson file.

here we go! still dont know why its doing this


See the '.platform-darwin atom-text-editor' part as a heading. You do not repeat a heading. A practical example, please see my own key bindings:

Also take in review:


In addition to what @danPadric said, you need to make sure that the selectors (they work exactly like CSS selectors) are completely un-indented. CSON is indentation-based, so with the file as you have written it, Atom can’t tell what keybindings are supposed to go with what keys because nothing is under anything else.

thanks! got it to delete by removing the top line of code. yall are awesome