Help with Flight Manual - Hacking Atom


Section 3 of the Atom Flight Manual: Hacking Atom is a tad confused, or confusing. Ought one to be creating a package named my-package, or should it be named wordcount? If I leave the default name my-package in place, the package immediately appears in the Packages menu, but not if I name it wordcount.

Anyone shine a light here, please?

Many thanks.


I am guessing this has something to do with ‘wordcount’ being a reserved word or something; ‘wordcounter’ seems to work as anticipated.


I just tried it and it showed up in packages. Maybe you accidentally changed the path in the dialog?

However, the app has deprecations and needs fixing. I don’t have time at the moment but an issue should be posted on atom/atom.


There’s already an issue posted on the atom/package-generator repo, which is the appropriate repo for problems with the package-generator :grinning:


I haven’t changed a thing, perhaps you are on Linux?


This isn’t very good, at all.


FWIW, the package generator is just an example. I found it more useful to look at simple packages I had installed. They can be found in ~/.atom/packages.


Thanks for the suggestion, although I don’t think it is a substitute for a (broken) flight manual.