Help with editing a .menu file


I was told that I could edit a .menu file with the atom program but upon opening it the text just comes out jumbled. Does anyone know if I need to change a setting or something to make it work?


What is the format of the .menu file?


It’s a file format for Ubuntu OS, this is the file in question (the one named linux):


You’re confused. Certain desktop environments (Unity, XFCE, Gnome, etc.) use XML files with the extension .menu in order to store menu options. Any text editor can handle these with ease, and you might need to tell Atom that you’re working with an XML file, but once it knows, it will highlight all of the syntax for you. The files you linked to are not menu files; that’s an install disk. I believe that “linux” is the kernel image. That’s not what you want to be working with.

What’s your goal with this?


Only if it was XML there wouldn’t be an issue.

The linux file is the kernel and for my project I’m working with I need to remove a certain line of code from the file, but apparently nothing can open it.


You’ll want to compile your own kernel for that. You can find the source at Atom is fully capable of opening C files and will highlight the syntax for you.