Help with Atom Editor Image File Display!


I’m relatively new with Atom Editor and while I was making a website I wanted to view the image I was committing to my site in my src file and it showed the picture in the Atom Editor.

Then I decided to try to download a package that resize images directly in Atom but when I tried I got the error/deprecation:

Atom now uses ES6 Promises instead of Q. Call promise.then instead of promise.done

And then my images suddenly show this instead. Idk how to fix this. I tried uninstalling the package and uninstalling Atom. Any help on how to fix this?


Nvm I figured it out


It’s good that you figured it out. I have a couple of things to note, though.

If we don’t know what package you’re trying to use, there’s no way for us to help you. There are thousands of packages in Atom’s ecosystem and many of them have repeated functionality.

You should also include the version of Atom and your operating system when you’re asking for general help.