Help this noob out plz, code mot working


I am new to coding and I think its a stupid question but I really don’t know what’s the error here. Basically, I am just trying to follow an instruction and complete a quiz. However, as the instruction shows, the code should work, but it keeps noticing that I don’t do something correctly! (See pics below) I really appreciate anyone here can help a noob like me out here. Thanks again!!



Now breath easy. It is important that you realise this exercise on your own.

The formula in that is in comments in line 14 need to be written in the way that Javascript can understand. Next in line 16 you need to repeat the variable’s name to give the expected answer.

Inside a web browser you can practice. For me it is F12 -> Console … I use Firefox.

Inside Atom editor:

I encourage you to try again.


Hi, thanks a lot for answer! I just tried to edit it myself and it seems I have made some progress here. Most things seems on right way now except one notification of error still showed after I submitted it. It shows : 'The fahrenheit variable does not equal 53.6’ Any idea why is that? Thanks again!


Strings are not numbers. I recommend learning JS with Codecademy.


Because it doesn’t. If you put quotes around a span of text, that indicates that the text is a string of characters. A string of characters isn’t a number unless you convert it to a number, and you also haven’t done that. The second requirement is that you log the variable to the console, not a string, so you will use it in line 16 in the same way you use celsius in line 14.


You were introduced to the developer’s console 14 hours ago.
Please type in the following lines of code and then press ENTER after each line.
Six (6) lines => six (6) results.

1 . var L = 5%2*9+10; console.log(L);

2 . L

3 . typeof(L)

4 . L = 5%((2*9)+10); console.log(L);

5 . var S1 = 'Hello'; var S2 = 'world'; console.log(S1+' '+S2+' '+L+'\n~>');

6 . typeof(S1)

(do not write the item numbers 1 to 6.)
(yes code line 2 is simple the symbol L)
(yes code line 5 is long, but it is one line)
(I cannot code in Javascript === bad teacher)