Help---this is about gpp compiler


I downloaded it and it didn’t work anyway.My OS is Win 10,when i press f5,it said ‘gcc’ could not be spawned.Is it installed and on your path? and i downloaded MinGW,but i don’t know how to use please someone tell me something about this,i really want to use Atom,sorry that my english is not good and hope you can understand what i mean and tell me what’s wrong with it.



This is what hapened when i press f5


You should take a look at the MinGW documentation. It has instructions on how to get started.


I add C:\MinGW\bin; to my PATH .But it’s still not working

Should i write something?


What happens when you open the command prompt and type gcc into it?


Nothing happened,no command prompt , just said ‘gcc’ could not be spawned.Is it installed and on your path?


here ,this is what happens then.


Is that right?


You need to open the command prompt (cmd.exe) and try typing gcc into it.


What should i type?


These three letters: gcc.


OMG! Really thanks for your patience. It’s working now.


So when I do all of this I get this error?

What exactly is going on and can I fix it?


That’s what you’re supposed to get. gcc needs input files, like gcc hello_world.c in order to know what it needs to compile. Activating it alone just tells me that it’s correctly installed on your computer.