Help the Atom Team promote cool packages on the official blog!

Hey folks! David from the Atom team here.

I’d like to start highlighting cool and useful packages on the Atom blog again and I need your help! Here are some questions that could help us come up with a good list of packages to highlight:

  1. Are there any Atom packages that you feel everyone should know about?
  2. Are there any prolific Atom package authors that we could highlight?
  3. Are there any older Atom packages that we could help find maintainers for?

The ultimate goal of this is to start producing a monthly blog post series highlighting the interesting things happening in the Atom community.

Thanks a lot for your help!


P.S.: Also, please feel free to reach out to me anytime on Twitter or the Atom Slack as @daviwil.


It would be nice if you could pick a topic (every now and then) and present a selection of packages suitable for that topic.


  • Python topics constantly pop up on this forum, so one feature could be dedicated at Python development only
  • to me several packages are invaluable for the development of packages (e.g. open-packages or package-developer-toolbar)
  • another popular topic here on the forum is Using Atom for academic writing, so why not summarize some of the package recommendations from that thread

Another topic that comes up basically every day here that would be helped by having a blog post for us to link to is Atom’s ability to use external programs via BufferedProcess and how much it relies on these to perform some of the tasks that people associate with an IDE. It seems like every other new user runs into script immediately and then finds that they don’t have Python (or whatever) installed. A blog post could cover how to handle that situation and then expand on other packages that have similar functionality at different levels of customizability, like linter providers, shell-it, and process-palette.

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I think something in the direction as @idleberg suggested.

Maybe generic usergroups can get a blog article with package suggestions

e.g. Atom:

  • for Writer (zen, markdown, etc…)
  • Developer (Atom-ide, github, terminal,…)
  • Web designer
  • data scientist
  • etc…

Also some areas have really a lot of packages, some older some newer, maybe a review like essentials for:

  • python
  • c
  • elm

my 2c

Any news on this?

Sorry for the delay, we’re still talking about this internally but it’s definitely something we’re still thinking about. We’ll make sure to comment back here when there’s news to share.

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