Help: Red Vertical Lines Appear On Both Sides of Editor Window


I’ve been using Atom Editor for a while now and just recently noticed something new…there are a series of red vertical lines appearing on both sides of my current window (see attached image). Has anyone seen this? Apologies if this is something obvious, but Google and SO don’t offer up any help. Thanks!


Edit: I’m running the latest version (1.17.0), but I upgraded after the problem first appeared. The red lines are still visible even when I open up a project in --safe mode. However, if I open up a new untitled document in a new atom window, the red lines do not appear. I’ve never encountered this issue after months of using atom. Final note, I was working on a CSS document when things started to slow down and eventually freeze my entire computer, at which point my macbook completely crashed and restarted itself. I’ve never had that happen before, but it hasn’t happened again…not sure if that’s at all related to these red lines that now show up. Really like this editor so I’m hoping it’s nothing major. Thanks!


Since you’ve already tried atom --safe from your SO post, the next thing I would recommend you try would be to try running atom --clear-window-state. Note: This will wipe all saved window positions and other state, including unsaved documents so make sure everything is saved before you start Atom in this manner.


Not sure how it was fixed but after working in Atom for a few minutes and navigating around, the lines eventually started to flicker, turned white, then went away. It’s been about a day since they disappeared and haven’t returned since. Weird.