Help needed with Mac os + atom + script package + pyton



I am a new member to the atom editor and I am starting to learn to code with python and I love using atom since it’s easy and makes coding fun!

I have been using Atom with the the package named Script to run my python code on Windows 10 and it works perfectly as intended, when I switched to my Macbook I ran into issues where I installed Atom then script then python and somehow when i access the CMD +ctrl+P menu where I type script-run usually… I could not find the script-run listed anymore after installing python… I tried uninstalling Script and re-installing but it did not solve the issue. I am pretty new to all this so please let me know what I did wrong and how to fix this issue! thanks for your time and for this awesome easy to use editor!


Does the default shortcut key work?


nope, and before installing python, I used to see “Script - run” listed in the Command palette when pressing CMD + CTRL + P but now its gone even though script is installed.


There’s no reason why installing Python would have removed that command from Atom. If you haven’t done so already, try reloading the window (ctrl-alt-cmd-l on Mac) and see if the command appears. If not, you could try a different package, such as process-palette.