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I’m not new to coding, but i read a tutorial ( for tic-tac-toe and it did not teach me how to specifically code for .js files. I know some html and a little less css, but js/react uses syntax i’d never seen, and the tutorial didn’t teach me anything about it. Can someone help with tutorials on syntax and how to use and code for js/react?


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By the way, the link you posted contains the answer to your question: that syntax is called JSX and is explained in full below the first code example:

We’ll get to the funny XML-like tags in a second […] Most React developers use a special syntax called JSX which makes it easier to write these structures […] The <div /> syntax is transformed at build time to React.createElement('div')

I think the official React tutorial is exceptionally good at teaching you its concepts. You should probably read it in full before posting questions about it.


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