Help me! atom broke

when I start the atom nothing appears and the settings do not open, only this …(see screen op link)…
I tried to remove and install the curtain - it did not help, please help ------>

There is not enough information.
Having Atom open “blank” as you show, is how Atom opens for me.
Knowing what you are expecting would be most helpful.

How long have you been using Atom?
Consider looking through the manual

The settings I use regularly can be reached via the menu:

Many (if not all) commands can be reached with the command pallet Ctrl Shift P.
What do you see when using the shortcut?

when I press Ctrl Shift P nothing happens, there used to be windows and a choice of programming language in the lower right corner, but now it’s all gone and I don’t know how to fix it

Predictable possibilities:
i) One of the add-on packages are being naughty.
ii) The version update of Atom failed.

Diagnosing for (i) -

  1. Open Windows Run Command ( Win R)
  2. Execute Atom in safe mode:
    %localappdata%\atom\atom.exe --safe
  3. Test functionality of Atom.
    Example - save the text as test.c file.
int name;
cout << "Please enter an integer value: ";
cin >> name;

Diagnostic = success. Action for (ii).

If the diagnostic is successful, one of the packages may be at fault.

  1. Open Windows Run Command ( Win R)
  2. Execute the line:
  3. Make a backup of the contents of .../.atom. Specifically:
packages (folder)
  1. Delete the .../.atom folder.
  2. Open Atom in a normal way.
  3. Test Atom. A working application confirms the add-on packages are are fault.
  4. Copy back piece by piece the backup made in 3.

Diagnostic = failed. Action for (ii).

Assuming the update of Atom was a failure.

  1. Delete the contents and folder %localappdata%\atom\.
  2. Download a fresh version from
    Note AtomSetup.exe (32-bit) vs AtomSetup-x64.exe (64-bit) to suit your flavour of Windows.

See also the manual:
The manual does not include the (aggressive) deleting of the application as suggested herein.

Alternative install a portable version. Instructions:

thank you very much when I removed all the files everything became normal thanks again

Deleting “all files” would have deleted Atom completely.
Please be specific. Which folder did you delete.

I deleted the files you said:packages (folder)

Thank you for your answer.
Those files you mention, I have suggested you make a backup of.
The holding folder %homepath%/.atom was the one that I aimed for deletion.
Blindly deleting files were not my intention – sorry for not being clear enough,

Have you made a backup?
Would you mind sharing which packages were installed in the package folder.
Have you re-installed all of those yet?