Header files needed to build native node modules for Electron have been deleted from atom.io


Dear Electron devs,

I have posted this as a github issue, but posting it here as well as that has not seen any attention.

To build leveldown for use with electron, I am manually building it using the steps specified under “Manually building for Electron” at https://github.com/electron/electron/blob/master/docs/tutorial/using-native-node-modules.md

The --dist-url=… specifies where to download the headers. I have specified the dist-url as given there. The problem is that the files are not available at the dist-url.

Can someone please bring this to the attention of the electron/atom devs that the files are not available in the url they are supposed to be?


I was just able to download them directly from the URL by typing the following into my browser:


Have you tried just downloading them directly on your machine? The files are present.


OK, even I am able to download now.


Awesome! I’m glad to hear that it is working for you now :grinning: