Having Python script output open in new window?

I have just started with Atom coming off from Python IDLE.
I have a dual-monitor setup and would like the output of my Python script to be in a seperable window.
Similar to Python IDLE. With IDLE I can run a script and then REPL/Shell would pop out
and I could watch the output of the script, while making changes to my code.

Currently I have installed Scripts package, but the pane is attached to the bottom doesn’t seem separable?
Do you guys have any suggestions as to what I can possibly do?

Thank you.

Actually have the pane to the right would works as well, instead of the bottom as I have a

Install a different package, or edit the code for script so that it does what you want it to do. Shop around instead of clicking on the first one and you’ll find some options. Since you want a separate window, I’d recommend process-palette. With that, you can spawn a command line window that runs whatever instruction you want.