Having newbie problems with script


Just starting to learn Python and wanted to use Atom as an IDE… can’t seem to get it to work though since due to path errors…

Help would be appreciated, and any other advice on a person who just started picking up coding…



What packages do you have installed? What command did you run to run python?


I’m just running the ‘script’ package. The command was just cmd-i. I’m assuming I don’t have to install any package in relation to python with atom… I could be completely wrong about this.


The script package, by default, will try to run your python script by executing a python test.py command. But your terminal can’t find a python executable so is asking you whether you have the path to one included in your path environment variable.

Is Python installed?
If so, you can either add the path to its executable to your PATH variable, or inside the script package’s settings, I believe, you should be able to set it as well?

Check the package’s usage description:


I’ll give this a try and let you guys know if it works. Thanks again!


I actually have the same problem, even though I ran atom from console and my PATH variable should be fine (it is even shown below the error message): it includes C:\Python34;C:\Python34\Scripts and I have no problem running ipython or py scripts in console.

Any suggestions?