Having issues with excessive battery drain even when idle


I’ve been having some issues with battery life related to Atom for a while, it consistently has a fairly high energy impact as measured by Mavericks’ Activity Monitor. Even when I have no files or folders open and I’ve minimized the window, it consistently uses more energy than Firefox with >20 tabs open and any other application I have open for development purposes.

As it doesn’t hog any specific resource in particular (I checked network traffic, CPU, memory, and disk writes, all of them seemed on the lower side of average) I’m wondering if there’s anything in particular I can do to troubleshoot this. The only metric I can see is how much time a plugin adds to Atom’s startup time, but this doesn’t necessarily correlate to the amount of resources it’ll use when open.

Any ideas appreciated!

Computer gets warmer when using Atom

I’m having the same issue. I noticed the fans on my laptop started spinning up to high way more often since switching to atom.


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I’m on a Macbook Air, so I don’t have a dedicated GPU to activate in the first place. The impact isn’t huge, but many times bigger than it should be when idling.


Happens for me as well. I am using a retina macbook pro and atom is NOT using the dedicated graphics, but still using excessive amounts of energy.
I can’t say for sure that this also happens when atom is idling, but definitely when I am using atom. Don’t know if it is related but atom is also using a rather large amount of RAM. Also, I have the impression that there are some memory leaks, as closing all documents does not free the used memory. I can’t say anything about CPU usage, but I will keep an eye on that.

Just to give you an idea: Atom is always number two of the most energy intensive applications, only beaten by Safari.

Since a lot of users probably have atom open almost all of the time I think this is a rather huge issue.


I’m seeing the same.

Atom is perfect with the exception of the excessive energy use.


I want to add that the resource and energy usage has become better in recent releases (0.9 onward I guess). Especially memory hogging has gotten a lot better, but also the power usage went down. I would still say that it’s pretty high for a text editor, though, so it is still something that needs to be improved.


I had a very similar issue and with the help of the github support team was able to eliminate it. Not sure if you’re having the same issue, but it’s worth a look. Check here.


I think Atom is steadily evolving and improving overtime, but yes, I’ve created the habit of picking my laptop and go work in CoffeeShops and this has become an issue. Hoping it can be addressed in the near future.


Just a quick note: on a 15-inch, Mid 2010, no matter what, Atom will fire up the dedicated graphics card. Tried to edit the Info.plist file as suggested and switched Hardware acc. on and off with no success.
Other than that, it’s all good.


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