Having difficulties searchong for the packages

It can be seened that whatever I search, it outputs a confusing error. I have restarted both my pc and the software but it isn’t worked out. I’m wondering if anybodyelse is having the same issue.(It seems many users have a hard time searching). I’m looking forward and will be very grateful for any help.

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I don’t think it’s you (or me…), the on-site search doesnt currently work either (ex: https://atom.io/packages/search?q=teletype)


I’m experiencing the same problem three days after the original post. Does anyone know what’s up and when this might be fixed?
After doing some searches, I see this has occasionally come up in the past too.

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I have seen these errors for some days.
Mildly curious I ran a DNS test …


and atom.io seems to point to some empty heroku dynos.

Same here. Except it was working just yesterday. The problem occurs both on my mac and ubuntu machines. The package website also doesn’t work for me.