Having compatability issues with filezilla


After ages of using notepad for just about everything im finally moving to a decent text editor. So far i’ve managed to replace it as my default for everything i need it to, however…

When i try to open a text based file in filezilla, it brings up a command prompt, then closes it instantly and does nothing else.
I then get a notification that file transfers have finished, which usually only pops up when im downloading files.

I managed to grab a print screen of the command prompt before it vanishes (its not the greatest screenshot, very transparent as i caught it in the tail end of closing) http://prntscr.com/abinv6 and i have no idea if any of it is related to whats going on.

Can anyone help?


Wouldn’t the FileZilla support folks know more about where the logs are that would give information on why it is crashing?


I thoguht maybe it was atom that was the cause of it, since i’ve never had file issues before. And that maybe it was running a command in the prompt it opens that transfers the file but means to open it. I’ll post there too, i suppose.


Atom could be the cause, but what is more interesting about this problem is the effect. What effect would Atom be having on FileZilla that is causing it to crash? Only FileZilla’s logs would be able to tell us something like that.