Having a bit of a issue with a theme I converted


I’ve converted tubster, and added some of my own usecase features (tubster-syntax), but I’ve been having an issue with the styling in relation to a certain package (indent-guide-improved). I’ve attempted to style the new stacked guides, and I can’t think of what the converter from textmate changes from One Dark/Light, but when I attempt to style them with the selectors that it should be using, I get no effect.

If anyone could tell me what I’m not getting right in order for it to theme right, that’d be much appreciated.


It works for me, if I turn off the “Show Indent Guide” in the Settings.

The reason why the default indent guides have to be turned off is because they are on top and cover the improved ones.

And the reason why it somewhat works in One Dark/Light even when it’s turned on in the Settings is because in One Dark/Light the guides are semi transparent colors. So you can see the improved ones still a bit below.

You could make the @syntax-indent-guide-color semi transparent, but people that install the improved package, are expected to turn the default off.


It would be easy to do that from the package, but would changing someone’s settings be kosher? I think it would be ok in this case. Maybe add a popup saying it has happened and how to reverse it.


Hmm… yeah, maybe in this case it’s ok. I made an issue about it: https://github.com/harai/indent-guide-improved/issues/9