Have loaded android studio into atom (accidents happen more to some than others)


As I dragged a folder with a fully executable copy of Android Studio in it across my desktop, I inadvertently parked a little to close to the Atom desktop icon. Atom duly grabbed the folder (with the fully executable copy of Android Studio) as if it had’t eaten data in months.
I guess I am asking if anybody has an idea that will get AS back. Or if anyone can assure me it is now a benign growth somewhere on Atom’s anatomy, I will just carry on until the next statistically predictable accident. (I don’t have a tooma)


What OS are you using? On macOS, my experience has been that dropping files and folders on the icon will just open them in Atom. Did this not happen with you? Has the folder gone missing? What happened?

You could look into the app contents, to see if it ended up there. I can’t say for windows, but on mac there is an option in the right click menu to show package contents.


Thanks Aerijo. Even though I am on a pc. all the android files were there together, as you said atom is treating android like a package. When i open a Android file it is displayed with everything enlarged, like the font is 60pt, looks like children’s story book.


It was a reasonable assumption. If you move a folder over a shortcut on Windows, the folder doesn’t just disappear. It would still be somewhere on your desktop. On Mac, applications are actually packages that contain all of their own assets, so it’s sometimes possible to move stuff in and out of them.

Maybe you should share some screenshots so that we can see what’s going on.