Have bookmarks survive a file close/reopen


I’m using Atom 0.169.0 on CentOS 7 (installed via RPM). One must have feature for me is for bookmarks to persist after closing/reopening a file. Is there any way to do this now?

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Package for Permanent Bookmarks?

That feature has been requested and the Atom team decided to not implement it, to keep the current bookmark system lightweight:

You could fork the bookmarks package and provide your own.



Actually @leedohm bookmarks are permanent. In my case problem was different package.



It was my understanding that they are permanent so long as you don’t close the file. But they persist if you leave the file open when you close Atom. Is that correct?



Well this just got stranger for me. I normally launch atom from its GUI shortcut. When launching atom this way my open files are lost (while disappointing, I thought was normal per https://github.com/atom/atom/issues/1603). However after some more testing I found that both bookmarks and open files are retained if I follow these two steps:

  1. Close atom with the text files open
  2. Launch atom from the command line in the directory where the text files exist (i.e. just run ‘atom’)

Unfortunately launching atom from the command line directory where a text file exists doesn’t match my work flow. I prefer to launch GUI apps with a click and my text files are strewn across my hard drive. So while this command line opening functionality is encouraging, it doesn’t really help me.

Therefore my updated feature request is for bookmarks (and open files as is requested in https://github.com/atom/atom/issues/1603) to be retained when launching atom from a GUI shortcut.



Looking at https://github.com/atom/bookmarks/issues/22 again I see that it is noted there that you need to run atom from the command line to restore your bookmarks.

Perhaps my problem is that I simply don’t work the same way atom wants to work. Is it correct to say that the target user for atom is someone who works on a single project of text files? In atom speak a project is the root directory of all the text files.

It seems like atom simply isn’t designed for working on a dozen text files randomly located on a hard drive. I.e. I’m not atom’s target audience?



How would atom know which project you are opening? There is no single set of files to open from the GUI. From the command-line it knows what project to open.



It doesn’t matter to me how atom would track this. Other editors such as PSPad keep track of bookmarks across program restarts.

I don’t work on projects though, I work on individual files. Like I mentioned above I believe atom is geared towards a single project work flow which is not how I work.



Yes it definitely is. It is geared towards git repos. It might have something to do with the name github.

However, multiple project support will be available soon. At that time you can just open a project for every folder that has files you want. Then it would make sense to restore whatever Atom window was open last.

It wouldn’t hurt to put a feature request into Atom/Atom to have the option to open the last window closed. That could be done now or when the multiple project feature is released. It may already be planned.



Is there any way to fix the “close and reopen” disappearing issue?