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This topic is a collection of answers to the most frequently asked questions, with links to official answers. We will keep it up-to-date with the latest information. If your question is not answered here, please use the Search function to search for your answer first … most likely it already has by a member of the Atom team or an eager community member!


Is Atom open source?

We are open sourcing all of Atom under the MIT license.

How will Atom be priced? What will it cost?

Starting today (6 May 2014), Atom is available for download to everyone–completely free and open source.

Will we be able to make pull requests?

Please do!


Is there a roadmap for features or functionality?

When will a pre-built binary for Windows be released?

Today (9 July 2014), we are happy to announce that Atom is now available on Windows.

When will a pre-built binary for Linux be released?

There are now 64-bit .deb files created and uploaded for every release, https://github.com/atom/atom/releases/

You can also build it yourself https://github.com/atom/atom#building. There are a number of folks on the board submitting issues and pull requests related to building on other platforms. Feel free to help them out!

What is the Atom team working on?

Check out the milestones label on Atom Core for information on the Atom team’s short- to mid-term targets.

Common Feature Requests

Will there be more Git integration? (Commit, push, checkout, etc)

Technical Issues

Can we write packages in JavaScript? Style with CSS? Use JSON?

Will Atom be able to handle big files?

Technology Choices

Why did the Atom team choose LESS instead of [my favorite styling language]?

The above answer is also probably broadly applicable to “CoffeeScript instead of [my favorite JavaScript dialect]”.

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