Have a problem on atom


I downloaded the software today.
After finishing with the software, closed it. When I tried to open it again I have not found a way to where to go. I ran a search on the software and it just finds me the installation of the software.
What’s the problem?


You’re supposed to save your work in some files, then later you can open the same files again and continue where you left off.

In fact, Atom suggests that you work in so-called “projects” – just folders, basically. You can do atom . from the command line to open one of those, and then it remembers which files were open and so on. And also, there will be a fast way to open more files using Ctrl+T (Windows, Linux) or Cmd-T (Mac).


When you install Atom, a desktop icon is created, which you can use to launch atom.

You can launch atom from the command line by typing Atom, or as I like to do (while Atom is open), is pin it to my taskbar to easily reopen (Windows 7+).

Did you install with the msi (installer) or zip file?