Haskell languages files



I like to try Atom for Haskell development so I did install the ide-haskell
But it seems that the haskell language files are not avaible.

How do I install them ?



You need the actual language package to use the haskell-ide package as descriped
In the of ide-haskell. You need following packages:



Thanks, that one I found myself.

But my questions was and is : how do I install them ? cabal , apm ???


In the readme of https://atom.io/packages/ide-haskell, the package you want to use, there are the requirements listed.
Just click on their links to check what they are. They seem to be all packages for atom, so use apm or go to the settings of atom (ctrl + ;) and install from there (see screenshot, 3rd entry)


Atom packages are installed using apm or from the Settings View, yes.


Thanks, then this one is solved and can be closed


Thanks. Closing on request.

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