Has anyone made a dreamweaver like app in Electron?


As the title said… I do study web dev and when searching for open source apps replacement for dreamweaver I only found a handful and worst, some discontinued… is there? Many Thanks! :smiley:


It’s not Electron-based*, but Brackets is pretty good. It’s a whole lot like Atom but specialized for web coding.

* Brackets uses its own shell, but from the perspective of an end user, they’re pretty identical. Both of them use Node and incorporate the Chrome dev tools and display engine.


Yeah… I used it before… but it only has the coding part as far as i know… no preview part where you drag and drop components?


It has a live preview feature, like Atom does. You just interact with it via typing instead of dragging your cursor around (which is a lot healthier for the state of your code at the end).


Nothing against using dreamweaver, but if you do study web development I really think you should code everything by hand and not drag and drop components. That will make you learn a lot faster.


Yeah I do hand typing code… but I want something where I can use which helps me handle the front end then I’ll do the heavy lifting on the backend… I’m not letting the app do everything… but it would be a big help… :slight_smile: