Hardly visible menu on linux


I am running Atom under Linux (ubuntu 18.04 and linuxmint 19). My menu is hardly visible, please have a look at my screenshot:

Its not that the menu would be hidden (e.g. pressing ALT, etc), but the font color is buggy.

Any tipps for me to fix this?

What happens if you change themes?

the problem remains, no matter what atom-theme or gtk-theme (in ubuntu) I use.
The problem is also the same with the latest deb-file from atom.io and installing the snap package via snapd.
The problem is also the same on ubuntu 18.04 and linuxmint 19.

I heard about this would/could be an “electron” issue. Dont know how atom (which I find is the greatest editor I ever had so far) is programmed; is it a so called “electron app” ?

Kind regards and thanks for helping

Electron is a GUI framework built from part of Chromium with the Node.js core modules bundled in. Atom exists as a bunch of JavaScript, and it only works because the package you download is basically a browser plus all the code that makes up Atom. Atom came first, and Electron was split off of it as a separate project so that others could use it (such as Discord and Slack). If the issue is with Electron, then it will likely reappear with another Electron app.

Mm, I just tried two electron apps of this list, and they did work normal.

Could perhaps someone that runs Atom on Linux confirm that there is this issue?

Again, when the menu is opened I can read the text fine, just the menu itself is “darkgray on black”:

I’m having the exact same problem on Ubuntu 18.10! Did you ever figure it out, cuz I would love to be able to see the menu titles!



yes I could solve this perfectly for me:
In general I use the adapta theme, but for atom I had to use the adapta-nokto-theme (atom works well with a dark theme like that). For this I had to do:

I edited the desktop-starter under /usr/share/applications/atom.desktop to this
Exec=env GTK_THEME=Adapta-Nokto atom

Hope this helps

Issue for this is here:

And it should be fixed in the next release of Atom where we’ve upgraded to Electron 3 (/cc https://github.com/atom/atom/pull/18603).