Hard Wrap?


I’ve seen only one thread – posted in 2014 – that addresses hard wrapping of text. Is this a planned feature of Atom? Specifically, I would like the be able to activate hard wrapping from the syntax for a specific language.


You mean something like the autoflow package? It is only a manual process, not automatic.


Nope. A built-in feature. As in something I can turn on automatically (like soft wrap) or, as mentioned in the first post, something that could be turned on by a language syntax.


What I was looking for was a definition of the term “Hard Wrap”. I assume you mean that you want it to insert line endings for you to keep lines from getting too long?

If I am correct in my assumption, no, there are no plans for a built-in feature beyond the autoflow package.


Apologies, yes. Line returns. I format my Git commit messages with line returns after X characters, but doing so manually is a pain and a waste of time. I want to define a specific number of characters to wrap after in the syntax, so I can just open a commit message and type.


I have a package that can do this but it would be weird to use. It is box-edit. It allows drawing a box and typing in the box.


Interesting idea! But sadly not the cleanest solution. You draw the box before typing? If so, I feel like whatever logic is used to wrap the line at the edge of the box could easily be bundled in as a core function for prefered line length…


Not really. I use a textarea so it wouldn’t have anything to do with the actual editor. I didn’t propose that seriously. I use it for that but not very often.

A hard-wrap package wouldn’t be terribly hard to do.


Ahh. So much for reusing the same core concept. But yes, I feel like a hard-wrap would be simple, I just feel like it would make sense as a core feature…

(If I have some time, I may look into a package for it.)


For anyone stumbling upong this topic later: after a bit of hacking, I have my first Atom package: wraptor.

This is still an early idea, but for my use case (auto-wrapping git commit messages), it works! Currently, the package has two (undocumented) functions: First, for any text editor where the enabled: true flag is set in the config, the package will autowrap at the editor’s preferred line length. Second, the package exposes a single action command: Wraptor: Wrap Current Buffer, which, true to the name, will wrap the text in the current text editor, again to the preferred line length.

Automatically hard wrap lines


Thanks for this. It’s just what i was looking for!