Hard Tabs width does not appear to be configurable



I’m using hard tabs but I can’t figure out how to set hard tab’s length. There is a “Tab Length” but it is either meant to only apply to soft tabs or there is a bug as it is set to 6 and my tab length is displayed as 4 spaces.

One of the main advantages of hard tab is to allow editors to render indentation with the width chosen by individual developer without affecting the source code. Most serious editors support it that way.

I would suggest considering the option of entering it in pixels or space count.


Hard tabs are configurable:

I configured the tabs the following way:

And then I opened a new file.


You can also set the tab length for each language, so there’s a possibility that the setting for the language of the document you’re looking at is overriding the global one.



After some more test, I figured it out, and it works as expected.

Thanks for checking !