Hands-on package to resolve blind keyboard navigation issue


Hello community!

This is my first post here, and my first contribution to packages:

The hands-on package is an attempt to resolve the navigation issue that I had in atom (comparing to emacs where I came from), namely to obtain an opportunity of performing any action, and keep my fingers in the same position (that is, on letter keys).

The exact issue that I try to eliminate is the following:

When there is a need to access arrows keys / other distant control keys like page-up/page-down, you are distracted. Even if you can type without looking at the keyboard (assuming true for most atom users), you will have to briefly look at the keyboard to make sure that the hand is properly positioned on the way back from the command keys. And then you have to look back on the screen in order to find the place where you were.

Emacs provided nice solution for that - anything can be performed via respective hotkey (some modifiers + some letters), vim has a command mode where actions can be performed with letter keys. These options are the reason why people in there avoid using even arrow keys, which might not look that distant from an ordinary user’s perspective.

I’ve seen in some docs of atom that initially it supported the navigation hotkeys from emacs (although navigation is not the only “distant” action to perform). Eventually these hotkeys are not there (I could not find the history of the question and why it was abandoned - perhaps because of the conflict with more common hotkeys like Ctrl + C / X / V / Z / Y).

Anyway, I bult-up a solution that seems to be suitable for my personal needs, that is currently the Right Alt + some letter to activate the most frequently used “distant” operations:

What I need now is some feedback from anyone who is interested about this topic - would such a solution work for you, is there a space for improvements, and does it make sence at all.