Handling NG Routing or Navigation


I am using Angular 2 final release

I need the idea of navigation the app. I have a few screens and want them all in the main window. I opened a second page using the ipcRenderer but then I lose all the main AppComponent wiring.

I tried to use Angular Routing but that doesn’t seem to work with Electron. I heard you can use the hashbangStrategyLocation to work around this but I would like another solution.

What is the nest way with Electron and Angular 2 to handle navigation. Single page complex apps. Need to swap components inside of a page on click of a nav button for example.


FWIW I solved this.

The solution was in the providers I had to change the location strategy to use HashLocationStrategy

I guess Electron doesn’t support HTML5 location stuff


Hello please can describe the whole process? … to fix it.