Handling Click Events In The DOM?


I’m getting very confused. I had the Electron Menu bar and had click events on the template to open children windows when MenuItems were clicked.

Then I removed the Electron Manu bar and implemented my own Bootstrap navbar and I cannot figure out how to handle click events, for example, clicking a link in my Boostrap navbar and opening up a child window by firing the method in my main.js file…

Any suggestions?


You can use ipcRenderer in your renderer process, ipcMain in your main process and communicate between them like this:

// Renderer Process
const {ipcRenderer} = require('electron')
$('#menuitem').click(function () {

and this in the Main Process:

// Main Process
const {BrowserWindow, ipcMain} = require('electron')
let win
ipcMain.on('openChildWindow', () => {
  win = new BrowserWindow({
    width: 480,
    height: 500,