Handle splitting panes more like sublime


I really love the way sublime handles the pane splitting.

  • Combining when reducing the number of panes
  • Making it possible to reduce the number of panes without have to close all tabs in it
  • Making a pane persist even when there’s no tabs open in it
  • Not just open the current file twice when splitting (that’s the least likely behavior someone would want)
  • Handling splitting at a higher level than files. In sublime for example, cmd-3 splits the screen in 3 panes, the new ones having nothing opened. That way it’s easy to drag some tabs over, open a new tab there, etc.

How do I open multiple panes?
How I can use multiple layout columns and rows like in sublime text?
Layout screen into columns and rows

Your third request already exists.

As for the rest, I’d like to see them too.


For me, not being able to have split view into columns is prohibiting me from using Atom, actually.
I am so used to being able to reference models, for example, while changing views, that I can’t go w/out it.


Totally agree. I’m using it for PHP, and using to look into Controller and View without two open tabs … I’m going back to Sublime for a while.


This is a beta product. I guess Atom is not ready yet. However, I just wanted to get on the record as being one of those who likes the way split screening is done in VIM and sublime.


yep, splitting is a must-have. Emacs, vim, sublime approaches all have their advantages, but without at least V-splits there’s no way i’m using an editor for serious.


owait, Cmd-Shift-P split // Cmd-K

well there you go. Maybe it just needs menu items for the noobs


My thread on the same topic. Seems like perhaps there ought to be a master list of desires somewhere and let the community vote on which features should be implemented first


Interesting…it is there indeed. Cmd-shift-P and search “pane” to see all the options.

Thanks for pointing that out!


+1 I’ve been looking for this since the beginning and it seems like so many forum posts are duplicates of previously requested functionality


There is a master list of desires and voting, if you’re creative. If you look at the Features category and then sort by Likes … you get a very simply sorted list of what the community has voted is most important.

This is why using the Like button and not doing “bump” or “+1” is so important. It helps the development team really see what is important to the community.


The moderators are actively closing duplicate topics to make it so that there is only one canonical post for each request. If you see a duplicate, help us out by flagging it and pointing to the original thread like happened in this thread:


cmd + shift + p > search for pane, selected pane split left

This totally worked, but when I tried using the hotkeys cmd+K+left nothing happened… anyone know if this is user error or atom ?


Doesn’t work for me either.

Not just open the current file twice when splitting (that's the least likely behavior someone would want)

Not true at all. Sometimes you want to see multiple parts of a file at the same time.


Sure, but that is, on average, a less common use case.


I couldn’t actually get cmd + k to work with any consistency. I have to hit command k a zillion times in a row to get it to work even once. It was kinda frustrating actually. In sublime, it just works. I like what they are trying to do with Atom here. I live in split screen so this is a bare minimum to even get me going. I’m posting here not to be a bear but to maybe figure out why I can’t get my split screen to open right away when I use cmd + k. I prefer using quick commands rather than sifting through menus as it saves time.


Try doing cmd+K, then left. I think holding all three keys, cmd+K+left, doesn’t work; and doing cmd+K, cmd+left also doesn’t work. This tripped me up, too.


Edit: ^ What he said

It’s actually cmd+k (pause) arrow key. Not cmd+k+arrow. That seems to work better for me. With the auto close panes turned off it actually works alright. My points 1, 2, 4 and 5 remain though.


Thank you sooo much jasoncrawford & Mattieuga!!! Now it works great!!! That’s awesome!