Halp me pls I beg


my html wont link to css

here it is…


before i looked even more on yt, the “” looked lik this…

any thoughts ? @DamnedScholar


Not until you show us the code you’re working with. As you can see, this forum software parses HTML. You should post a screenshot of what you’re looking at.


okok heree

ps… this is a for a school project


That information isn’t complete. I urge you to think critically about what I need to figure out what’s going on. Unless you show me the file tree, I can’t tell where style.css is. If it’s inside a folder different from the one your HTML file is in, then that’s what’s happening (the browser will look in the same folder unless you give it a new place to look).

You also have a lot of unclosed <div> tags. You should either close or remove those. The best decision would be to remove them and place a <br> tag after each paragraph (you don’t need one before or after the h3 tags, since the native styling of those tags dictates that they push everything else out of their line.


i put the css file in a sub folder inside the folder of where the html is…


i will be sending the folder



You can just screenshot the tree view inside Atom.

Since you have the file in a subfolder, you just need to include that in the href as css/style.css.


so now css is linked but the pic i put in css isnt showing up in the webite… thoughts ?


Until you put quotes around lol.jpg, it won’t work. See here for the background-image syntax.