Had an invitation but cannot access my download link anymore :(



Yesterday I received an invation: I clicked on the link in the email which asked me to link my gtihub account to atom, which I did.

I then ended up on a page with a download link and a “3 invites” link. Now, at my offices I cannot access the page anymore so cannot download the beta anymore :frowning:

Clicking on sign-in redirects me to the “soon” page with “invalid_credentials” in the url. I tried to sign out from GitHub and do the process again: same error…


Possible duplicate of Invalid Credentials after sending out 3 invites


I had the same issue but got around it by doing the following.
Signin to github.
go to https://atom.io/invite
this seems to bypass the login issues on the homepage. You should be signed in now.
Then go to the atom.io homepage and you should see a download link.



I had a similar problem, but this is working! Thanky you