Gvfs-trash installed?



I am new to Atom and I came across a problem after trying to delete a file
with extension (.mwb). Printed the following message: The following file Could Not Be moved to trash (trash is gvfs-installed?). Now I can not delete any folder or file with the tree view? How to repair the error?


If you are running a version of Linux and Atom cannot delete a file you asked it to delete, it will give that dialog. Very often, the reason why that dialog shows up is because gvfs-trash is not installed. It could be due to other reasons though … like you don’t have permissions to delete that file.

What is unique about those files? Are they on a network drive? Are they in a root-only permissions directory?


Use Ubuntu in version 16.04 and installed the atom and was getting delete normally. Soon after trying to delete a file with the extension (.mwb), just could not delete other files as well. Yet still presenting mensategem as the post.