GUI not opening on file-open



I love Atom, the only thing that frustrates me and keeps frustrating me more and more;…
Why does Atom not open the GUI when I open a file wheter in windows explorer or in WinSCP?

Atom only blinks in my taskbar between orange and normal instead of opening the GUI.
How can I change this? is really messes up my workflow like this :frowning:


We have no way to know this without replicating your issue. Please start with the versions of Atom and your operating system. Has this always happened, or is it recent?

Atom only blinks in my taskbar between orange and normal instead of opening the GUI.

In Windows, when a taskbar icon goes orange, it’s usually because there’s a new window for that program or because there’s a dialog that needs to be answered. Please consider recording this so that we can observe it directly.


Thank you for your response:

Fresh install,
OS: Win10,
Atom Ver: 1.12.2

There’s not much to it really, doesn’t allow me to record the taskbar so I can’t properly show it.
Whenever I open a fille associated with Atom, Atom doesn’t become active. It remains minified on the taskbar (orange blinking).


When I open a file via the context menu item or click on a file associated with it, Atom 1.12.2 on Windows 10 opens and restores just fine. The only time I see orange blinking is when Atom is behind other windows and not minimized. Does this match what you’re seeing?


Yes, My apoliges.

It seems that that is the exact issue. Didn’t notice I had the window open on the background.


I don’t know of a remedy for your specific question, but I think that if you use Win-down to minimize the window when shifting to Explorer, it might be easier on your workflow. If not, it’s easy to invoke a taskbar program from the keyboard (Atom is the fifth icon on my taskbar, so Win-5 restores it and brings it to the front). It might be less convenient than the behavior you want, but you can use Atom’s behavior as an opportunity in case you ever want to open several files from Explorer that are in different places.