GUI looks wired after launching it


This maybe is stupid question, but it blocked me fow a while…

I built it successfully.:
Below is what I saw by launch atom.exe

But it should look like below:

After searching all the exe file under build directory, I did not any other reasonable exe for this app

Any advises?

Thanks in advance.


Looks like you’ve built atom-shell instead of atom. At least you’re starting the wrong executable.


Thomasjo, Thanks for your reply.

I noticed that the exe is under atom-shell folder,
but I followed the instruction:

And tried several times successfully.
But did not find exe in atom folder,
After searching all the exe from atom root directory, and execute them one by one.
Only atom.exe, and node.exe are standalone executable. but none of them
have what I expected.

That really confused me a lots.


If I remember correctly, the build output on Windows is placed in your Program Files folder. Not sure whether it ends up in the x86 version or not, so check both.


Yes, in Windows the install path is “Program Files”.


  if process.platform is 'win32'
    installDir = path.join(process.env.ProgramFiles, appName)


Thanks, it is under: C:\Program Files (x86)\Atom


That is right, it is under: C:\Program Files (x86)\Atom
Thank you so much.